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About Kateb Journal of Law:

The Kateb Journal of Law is a reputable scholarly publication that focuses on legal research in Afghanistan. It aims to advance the field of law and facilitate the dissemination of innovative ideas and rigorous research findings. The journal covers various areas of law, including constitutional law, criminal law, international law, human rights law, and commercial law. It welcomes submissions from legal scholars and professionals worldwide, promoting a multidisciplinary and international perspective on legal matters. The journal upholds high standards of academic excellence and integrity by subjecting all submitted manuscripts to a rigorous peer-review process. This ensures the publication of original, well-researched, and intellectually stimulating articles. The editorial board, comprising renowned legal scholars and practitioners, actively contributes to maintaining the quality and relevance of the published content. With an online platform, the Kateb Journal of Law strives to facilitate the dissemination of cutting-edge legal research to a global audience, including academics, researchers, legal professionals, and students. The journal follows an open-access policy, providing free and unrestricted access to all published articles, thus promoting knowledge sharing and wider engagement with legal scholarship. The journal encourages scholarly collaboration and knowledge exchange within the legal community through conferences, seminars, and workshops organized in collaboration with leading academic institutions and legal organizations. By fostering dialogue and collaboration, the journal contributes to the development and advancement of the legal field. Researchers, legal scholars, and emerging researchers are invited to submit their work to the Kateb Journal of Law and join the vibrant intellectual discourse. The journal offers the opportunity to explore the frontiers of legal knowledge, challenge existing paradigms, and shape the future of law.

ISSN (Print): 3006-5739

ISSN (Online): 3006-5747

Current Issue: Issue 1 (Spring and Summer 2023)

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Publisher Kateb University
Managing Director Dr Mohammad Yahya Balaghat
Chief Editor Juma Ali Haqqani
Executive Director Hosain Barati

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